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About Footprint Exhibits

Footprint Exhibits is a full-service trade show display and exhibit company located just outside Seattle. We design, build, and manage trade show booths for our clients in the Pacific Northwest and around the country.

Why Footprint is part of our name

We draw our inspiration from the famous Footprints in the Sand poem. We believe in the power of walking beside our clients and hearing your business stories and goals before partnering with you to design and build a trade show program that puts your best foot forward.

Partnership is a word and a practice we take seriously. Like the famous poem, there are times in everyone’s life where they need support from others. We get that - we’ve been there.

It’s why every Footprint Exhibits client gets the full benefit and support of our 15 years of experience in the trade show industry. We believe in service and it shows. We’re proud of our award-winning trade show displays and exhibit designs - and so are our clients.

Footprint Exhibits Trade Show Booth Design Company Seattle WA-0043

What 35,000 square feet can do for you

We’re one of the few exhibit companies in the Pacific Northwest with a facility large enough to do all of our design, manufacturing, and print work completely in-house.

Our 35,000 square foot Seattle facility means you can:

Footprint Exhibits Trade Show Booth Design Company Seattle WA-0033

See and touch your booth as it’s being built - and tweak as needed so the final product is perfect

Walk through your booth before it ships so you have complete confidence for your next trade show

Have easy access to your booth crates so you can stop by to pick something up, or let us bring it to you

We have lots of room to design and build your next trade show booth.

Meet Thomas Koch, CEO

In 2003, Thomas started Footprint Exhibits in his garage to realize his vision for a company that did trade show exhibits right. And by “right” he meant a company that would really listen to and take care of its clients so they could feel confident, successful, and happy about their trade show programs.

Thomas Koch, Footprint Exhibits

Footprint Exhibits Trade Show Booth Design Company Seattle WA-0037

Since then, Footprint Exhibits has grown exponentially, both literally and figuratively. That garage is now a 35,000 square foot facility where the team can oversee the entire lifecycle and maintenance of a booth.

Footprint Exhibits is humbled to include Boeing, Microsoft, and Progressive as clients while staying close to their roots of working with smaller businesses with a vision like theirs.

Thomas believes his success comes from his dedication to the philosophy of the Footprints in the Sand poem: walking the journey with his clients.

What does walking the journey mean? For Thomas and his team, it means dialoguing and interacting with clients face-to-face, truly understanding their needs, and involving them in the creative concepting process to get a booth that achieves their goals in ways they hadn’t known were possible.

I know from experience how having someone at your side can be the difference between between reaching your goal and falling short. That’s what I’ve always wanted for Footprint Exhibits: to provide a level of personal and professional support that gives our clients the confidence knowing we’ve got them covered.”