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Trade Show Services

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Footprint Exhibits Trade Show Services

At Footprint Exhibits, we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to bringing your vision into three-dimensional life. We start by learning everything we can about your ideas, your goals, and your needs before creating a strategy and map of how to get there. The result is a knock-your-socks off exhibit that doesn’t just get you noticed - it gets you business.

Our Services

Custom booths

A custom booth has your brand built into its very DNA. Your visitors will know who you are and what you offer in every last detail. And we’re confident they’ll be very, very impressed.

Rental booths

Our rental booths are an attractive yet affordable alternative to creating a custom booth. All of our rental options are fully customizable so you can stay on-brand while reducing costs.


If you’ve ever managed a trade show, you know how stressful, frustrating, and sleep-depriving it can be. Why suffer all that anxiety? Let our experts handle all of the details instead.

When you work with Footprint, you get to:

Leave every aspect of trade show marketing to us

When you have to manage multiple vendors, that doesn’t just mean extra work. It means extra risk of something getting lost or forgotten.

When you work with us, you have one point of contact who is responsible for all the details.

And, putting in a stop order or changing a color on a flyer? It’s as simple as walking down the hall.

Watch your booth come to 3-dimensional life at our Seattle-based facility

We love hearing our clients say “WOW!” when they first see their booth in our showroom.

Other firms outsource their booth builds, so you never get to see your booth until the show.

With Footprint Exhibits, you get to see and edit your booth in real time. You’ll have complete confidence the booth looks exactly the way you want for a trade show.

Focus on the event itself because we’ll coordinate all of the show logistics

Coordinating trade show logistics can be the stuff of nightmares if you don’t have a company like Footprint Exhibits at your side.

We’ve handled thousands of trade shows for our clients and have it down to a science. Let us handle the shipping, installation, and break down of your exhibit so nothing falls through the cracks and everything comes together perfectly.

Let your booth come back to our facility for some TLC

When the trade show’s over, it’s time for you to celebrate a job well done - not worry about your booth. Your booth will come back to us for storage and, if needed, maintenance.

You can reimagine and refurbish as often as you need to keep your booth looking fresh, new and aligned with your marketing goals.

Our door is always open to our existing and future clients

We really want you to visit us in person. See our award-winning booths for yourself, or visit our design floor to see the magic happen. And if you’re already a client, you can always come in to discuss your next show or get something out of a crate. Your booth - and our team - is always accessible to you.