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How We Work

Footprint Exhibits is your partner

before, during, and after the show

We’ve helped clients launch and sustain hundreds of successful trade show programs thanks to our core values of collaboration, partnership, and creativity. When you work with Footprint Exhibits, you work with a dedicated account manager who owns all of your program details. Our high level of responsibility and customer service mean you get more than a booth - you get to relax and enjoy the trade show.

Before the Show

To understand your vision for your booth, we dig deep into the high-level details. Who is your target audience? What are your marketing goals? What is your brand messaging platform? What experience do you want your visitors to have?

Then, we get down to brass tacks about the size of your exhibit, what kind of technology you need, what type of display areas, and any other special requirements.

From there we create a strategy and plan to match your budget, and then we design and build your booth right on site in our Seattle location.

We invite you to come in several times during the design and build phases so we can ensure everything is coming together perfectly. From beginning to end, you have our team of creative problem-solvers ready to think through design challenges and tweaks.

No matter what, we’re positive you’ll exclaim “Wow!” when you see it.

Lastly, you get to walk through your finished booth and experience it just like your visitors will at the show. This final check gives you complete confidence your booth is ready for action.

During the Show

If you’ve ever had to handle the logistics of a trade show by yourself, you know what you’ve signed up for: intense pressure, anxiety, and stress.

You’re expected to manage all of this flawlessly:

Your booth has to arrive on time, undamaged, and be installed quickly.

You have to make sure you have enough power and internet bandwidth so visitors can actually use your booth.

All of your print pieces and collateral need to be ready.

There are so many crates, pieces, and lists. There are lists of lists.

If you’ve ever had to manage all of know how much you’d like to not have to manage it.

Save yourself the headaches and nightmares and let Footprint Exhibits handle all of these details.

Coordinating trade show logistics is a breeze for us. Why? Because this is what we do. Every year we coordinate hundreds of trade shows for clients. We have it down to a science and it shows.

We know all the ins and outs of shipping and installation. We keep track all of the lists, pieces, and activities so you don’t have to. On the day of the show, all you have to do is show up and shine.

After the Show

Your trade show program doesn’t end when the show ends. Your booth needs to be packed up ASAP and shipped back home for storage until the next event.

But when you work with Footprint Exhibits, you can attend the after party and unwind while we take care of all of that.

We break down and pack up your booth with care so nothing gets broken or lost on its way back to our facility.

If you need to update your booth in between shows, give us a call and we’ll pull your crates and roll up our sleeves.

We look forward to partnering with you for years to come for your trade show program.