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Custom Booths

With a custom booth

you get exactly what you want and what your business needs

By starting from scratch, we build your brand right into your booth’s DNA.

Good design is so much more than pretty colors...

...although that’s important too. It’s firmly rooted in function. Good design asks “What does your booth need to do for you?” and shapes itself entirely around the answer to that question.

And that’s precisely where Footprint Exhibits begins every new client conversation.

Footprint Exhibits Custom Trade Show Booth Design Seattle Washington-0010
Footprint Exhibits Trade Show Booth Design Company Seattle WA-0024

A custom booth allows you to direct each & every visitor interaction to drive the results you want.

We’ll craft the layout to flow, intuitively signaling your visitors where they should look, stop to try your product, and pick up branded marketing materials (printed in-house by Footprint Exhibits, if you like).

Of course, decoration matters too.

With a custom booth you can reflect and amplify your brand in every color, every banner, and every tabletop and surface.

Your visitors won’t have to ask who you are. They’ll just know...and be ready to take the next step with you.

Footprint Exhibits Trade Show Booth Design Company Seattle WA-0017

What can Footprint Exhibits do for your next trade show? Let's talk about your project...